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Why train with us?

The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT) Teacher Training scheme is a highly successful school based Initial Teacher Education programme which was judged as Good in all aspects by Ofsted in June 2014. We offer high quality training through our partnership of primary and secondary schools in South East England. TKAT has a proven track record of improving schools, raising student attainment, improving teaching and learning and developing staff. We have a very high employment rate for our beginner teachers, indeed many have gone on to successful careers within the TKAT teaching school alliance.




  • "There were just a handful of Teaching Schools in 2010 but the potential was obvious. The idea is a simple one: take the very best schools, ones that are already working to improve other schools, and put them in charge of teacher training and professional development for the whole system…we expect that some of the very best schools will want to become their own (training) provider. Indeed some of the most forward thinking Teaching Schools and academy chains have already gone down this route. Like The Kemnal Academies Trust who will use the wealth of experience in teacher training across their member schools to offer courses in English, mathematics, physics, chemistry and MFL from September."

    Michael Gove - As Secretary of State for Education, in his address to the National College Annual Conference of June 2011

  • "Below is some of the positive feedback we have received from our Trainees since the start of this academic year in September:- Best Mentor support ever! • Caring and kind and biscuits! • Supportive teachers, not just mentors. • The mentors and whole team have been more than helpful, giving us a lot of opportunities to be involved and understand teaching/the school. • A lot of trust put in us. • Quality of feedback/forward. • Opportunities to get stuck into teaching classes very quickly. • Mentors could not be more helpful. • Feedback is excellent. • Feeling part of a team. • Being brought into classrooms and encouraged to be active. • Amazing feedback from many people. • Really friendly team and very welcoming. • The department staff are excellent .... I can easily talk to them if I have any issues including the head of Dept. • Subject Mentor is incredibly helpful. • Have the chance to witness outstanding teaching.  "

    What our Trainees say - What our Trainees say

  • "The primary purpose of TKAT is to ensure that every TKAT student achieves the highest possible levels of attainment within an appropriate learning environment... the ethos is that all the Academies will work collaboratively, to enable students and staff to flourish and grow. As a SCITT provider, our purpose and practise is an apprenticeship model underpinned by the above aims. It shares the Government’s ambitions “to match the best performing countries in the world in the quality of teachers it recruits."

    John Atkins CBE - Executive Chairman, TKAT

  • ""Employment rates are high. Trainees from last year's cohort all went into teaching with 80% gaining jobs in partnership schools At this early stage in the summer term, most trainees in the current cohort have already secured employment, many in their placement schools. This speaks volumes for the high regard in which trainees are held by their placement schools."   " A very coherent training programme which ensures that trainees carry through the lessons learned from central training and assignment work into their teaching."

    From the TKAT SCITT OfSTED Report of Summer 2014